Japanese Ice Coffee – An alternative cold brew

written by keepers 3 years ago

Coffee Soda Experiment #23 – Flash freezing a hot brewed coffee

We’ve been brewing our coffee using traditional cold brew techniques for years. Cold brews are naturally a little sweeter which is perfect for Keepers Coffee Soda. Recently we tried the Japanese style ice coffee brewing method which has been giving us pretty amazing results with this week’s Keepers batches.

Japanese style ice coffee is where you use boiling water to release the flavors and aromas from the bean, just like you would with regular coffee, but you brew it directly onto ice, so the flavors get released, and then are immediately cooled.

Why is this important?

If you drink a really great cup of hot coffee you’ll notice you get a ton of subtle flavors, but if you keep it hot for too long, or let it cool, you’ll notice that the bright flavors die down and the coffee gets more dull in flavor.

By letting the coffee brew directly onto ice using the Japanese style, we are trapping in that original vibrant flavor.

Don’t get me wrong, we’ve had some amazing results with cold brew and we’ll keep continuing to experiment with different cold brew methods, but this is another world of flavor, maybe we’ll do a blend of both, keep checking the blog for our latest experiments.