Differences between light, medium, & dark roast coffee

written by keepers 3 years ago

Coffee is usually classified as light, medium and dark roast, but a lot of people don’t understand the difference between them. To make it as easy as possible to understand, we created this cheat sheet:

  • Light Roast
    • This roast retains the most of the bean’s unique flavors.
    • Easiest to identify the difference between the different origins.
    • Most acidic – ‘brighter’ flavored
    • fruit notes, floral aromas, lemony, earthy, an entire world of flavors
  • Medium Roast
    • caramelization from the roasting process adds to the flavors of the beans
    • With the added flavor of the roast it’s slightly harder to pick out the origin of the beans
    • Medium acidity
  • Dark Roast
    • The origin of the beans becomes very hard or impossible to pick out
    • Least acidic
    • Duller flavor, chocolate notes

So which is just right for a sparkling coffee? That’s our next blog post, stay tuned.