Soda Re-designed

written by keepers 2 years ago

It’s no surprise that there’s a backlash against soda. What is totally surprising (to us anyway) is that there aren’t many great alternatives to on the market. Go to the grocery store, there are long shelves full of carbonated sugar water, or worse, corn syrup water.

Surprisingly, higher-end fizzy drinks like San Pellegrino and Fentimans contain more sugar than a can of Coke!

Sparkling coffee to the rescue.

Keepers uses a light roasted coffee as our base instead of artificial flavored colored water. We dialed back the sugar to half the level of coke. And it’s still plenty sweet and tastes delicious.

Check out the stats:

Offensively Sugary Soda Grams per 100ml Teaspoons per 330ml
Waitrose Ginger Beer 13.9g 11
M&S Firey ginger beer 13.8g 11
Sainsbury’s Cloudy lemonade 13.5g 11
San Pellegrino Pompelmo 12.1g 10
Sainsbury’s Taste the Difference pink lemonade 12.3g 10
San Pellegrino Aranciata Rosso 11.8g 10
Fentimans Dandelion and Burdock 11.8g 10
Fentimans Cherrytree Cola 11.6g 10
M&S Rhubarb and Custard sparkling drink 11.5g 9
Sainsbury’s lemonade 11.5g 9
Fentimans Traditional Curiosity Cola 11.3g 9
Shloer white grape, apple and cranberry 11.3g 9
Waitrose sparkling lemonade 10.8g 9
Sainsbury’s Classic Cola 10.8g 9
Shloer white grape and elderflower 10.7g 9
Essential Waitrose Cola 10.7g 9
M&S cola 10.7g 9
Coca-Cola 10.6g 9
Waitrose cream soda 10.6g 9
Pepsi Cola 10.6g 9
Keepers Coffee Soda 5g 4

(thanks to The Telegraph for this data)