What is ‘Sparkling Coffee’

written by keepers 2 years ago

Keepers is defining a new coffee experience called sparkling coffee.

We brew coffee using a crazy old Japanese method called “Kyoto coffee”, “Japanese ice coffee” or as we refer to it “flash brewing” (mainly so we can put a cool lightning bolt next to it)

We sometimes add fruit juices, sometimes we add the oils from the peels, or both.

After brewing and flash chilling the coffee we carbonate it, so let’s recap:

coffee + flash brew with fruity elements to kick it up + bubbles

At Keepers we take our coffee very seriously. Our master roaster sources and hand roasts beans that are specifically chosen to pair well with different fruit, he’s always at cuppings tasting the latest coffees off the boat, we have direct relations and tracability to the farms we work with through an amazing company called crop to cup.

Keepers is totally refreshing and gives you a natural energy boost. Jeez buy some already – click the order button on the top of our site).